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 Brief History of The Antioch Baptist Church  

Our late Pastor, Rev. Dr. Alfloyd Alston, was born in Norilina, NC. He graduated from Hawkins High School and attended Elizabeth City North Carolina State Teachers College. Rev. Alston held a BA Degree in Theology from Baltimore College of the Bible and Theological Seminary and was awarded an honorary Doctorate degree from the American College & Seminary of Milledgeville, GA. Led by the Holy Spirit; Pastor Alston organized the Antioch Baptist Church in 1977 with 14 faithful followers. Since that time, Pastor Alston and the Antioch Baptist Church established what Pastor Alston chooses to call "a serving ministry." Since 1979, over 1,000 members have joined our congregation. Sixty-five percent have come by Baptism. In 1981, Pastor Alston was honored with a Doctor of Divinity Degree in recognition of his contribution to the meteoric rise of the Antioch Baptist Church. In September 1982, Antioch purchased its facilities. In 1983, over 6,000 new voters were registered from Antioch. Also in 1983, our Radio Ministry began over Radio Station WWRL. In September of 1986, Antioch opened its Christian Academy. This is a New York State Certified and Licensed institution for the purpose of training our children religiously. God has also blessed Antioch with three 49 passenger, air conditioned, restroom equipped, over the road cruisers and three 15-passenger vans. "These vehicles will enhance our Bus Ministry" says Pastor Alston. Since its inception, the Antioch congregation and Pastor Alston have been aware of the powerful spiritual resources of our young people.

In 1989, an After-School Tutorial Program was developed with pick-up services from our local neighborhood schools. Also, a summer Youth Escape Program has been organized. The youngsters engage in field trips, cultural events, arts and crafts and other activities that help nurture the minds of our youths. Beginning August 1998, the Youth Department has grown over 100%. Pastor Alston's vision was to institute a productive Youth Ministry that has since come to a full circle. The purpose of Antioch's Youth Ministry is to encourage youths and young adults to dedicate their lives to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Weekly Bible Studies, Praise & Worship services and revivals, and cultural trips are made available to help mold the youth & young adult into a well-rounded Christian adult. It was Rev. Alston's foresight to combine the Church and Dining Room as Sanctuary and add an additional floor with Youth and Senior Citizen facilities.

Rev. Alston has been honored by all of the leading politicians, mayors, borough presidents, senators, and Presidents of the United States with numerous citations and awards. Rev. Alston served as the Chairman of the Political Action & Civic Committee of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Greater New York and Vicinity. Pastor Alston also served on Community Board 9 of Harlem, NYC, and currently as a Clergy Police Chaplain for the 26th precinct.

On Friday, April 29, 2005, the Lord called our beloved Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Alfloyd Alston, into eternal rest. Rev. Alston has left a legacy and it is because of his never ending love for the Lord and for this church that we are able to celebrate today. On Sunday, September 11, 2005, Rev. Alston's daughter, the Reverend Shon T. Adkins was installed Pastor. Rev. Adkins has come to the table with a vision for the Church and a vision for the people of God. It is her foresight to establish a Serving Ministry that not only will serve the members of Antioch but a Ministry that will serve the community in which Antioch stands.

Our congregation has grown in leaps and bounds. In the beginning, we were 14. Today, we are more than 50 times that number – 800 on the church roll, of whom some 500 are active members. As we labor in 2009, it is our constant prayer that Pastor Adkins and the Church will be lead by the Holy Spirit and that Divine Guidance will lead us to accomplish those things that conform to the will of our Heavenly Father.

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